Audacity – just go get it!

Audacity Tutorials – From the Audacity Wiki, some basic tutorials for using the program.

We have a few Audacity Tips to help beginners with using Audacity.

Oral History in the Digital Age – A fantastic resource for both audio and video projects. While the title refers to Oral History, there are tons of articles on get started working with, and best practices for digital audio or video.

SoundCloud – Social music sharing site

Internet Audio Archive – Part of the Internet Archive site

Free Music Archive – Creative Commons music that can be used in your media projects. Just be sure to read the requirements, which usually is simply giving credit to the artist and not making any money  from it.

The Freesound Project – A database of free (again Creative Commons) sound files, as opposed to songs. You will need to register to download files. – Similar to the Free Music Archive, but more social in its sharing of music and even voice a cappellas.

Sound of Picture (Podington Bear) – Interesting background music that can be used non-commercially.

Also check out where “you already have permission” to use music for your YouTube videos and other creations.

Podcasting info – Busting some myths and more bits about recording for podcasts.

Finally, here are some really detailed videos regarding sound production (from the FilmmakerIQ site):

The History of Sound at the Movies

The Science and Engineering of Sound

The Basics of Recording Audio for Digital Video

The Fundamentals of Sound in Post Production

Introduction to Foley and Sound Effects for Film

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