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Welcome to our iMovie help page. iMovie is a basic yet powerful video editing program that comes standard on all new Macintosh computers. If you want to know more about it, Apple has information about iMovie on their website. If you would like a quick introduction, check out Getting Started with iMovie. First, a note about iMovie […]

Final Cut Pro X

Welcome to our help page on Final Cut Pro X, a powerful video editing program available on the Mac. If you want to know more about it, Apple has more information about Final Cut Pro X on their website. We have a document on Getting Started with Final Cut Pro X that covers some of the requirements, concepts, and useful keyboard […]

Getting Started With Final Cut Pro X

This document summarizes the different concepts that are necessary to get started using Final Cut Pro X. Version 10.3 was just released (10/27/16) and there are some great training videos from the folks at Ripple Training. If you prefer, you can download the training videos in the form of an app from the Mac App Store. […]

VLC Media Player

VLC, or VideoLAN Client, is a program to play a wide array of video file formats as well as act as a video streaming server. It will also play audio files. It is a free, open source program that is available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers. We like VLC because of its universality, as […]

MPEG Streamclip

MPEG Streamclip is a simple video player, editor, and video converter for Windows or Mac computers. You can open most video formats, set basic “In” and “Out” points, and them trim the video to the length that you desire. Once you have the trimmed video, you can save to numerous formats. MPEG Streamclip supports MPEG […]


Audacity is a free audio editor that can be used on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems. By itself, Audacity can record, edit and save uncompressed audio files, as well as add special effects. You can also convert sound files to MP3 format for use on web pages, to create podcasts, or to play on […]


HandBrake is a free, open-source program that will take files from an unencrypted DVD, as well as other high quality video sources, and convert them into mpeg4 (h.264) videos. The “h.264” version of mpeg4 is of very high quality and lower bit-rates. In other words, you can start with a DVD movie that is 4GB […]

Getting Started with iMovie

  If you are new to video editing, Apple’s iMovie is a relatively easy program to start using. If you have used other video editing programs, you may have to unlearn some things, but they are definitely worth unlearning. Once you learn iMovie, you can move on to the bigger, more powerful Final Cut Pro X […]