If you’ve ever thought that an iPhone has a “nice” video camera, but you could never make a high quality film with it, then you haven’t seen Tangerine or The Painter of Jalouzi. Both of these films were made using an iPhone, albeit with some high quality equipment and accessories. However the iPhone was the device that captured the images (here are some more films that utilized the iPhone for filmmaking). When creating high quality video on the iPhone, a filmmaker will generally stay away from the basic Camera app that comes pre-installed on the iPhone and instead choose an app called Filmic Pro. This $10 app has all of features needed to control all of the aspects of capturing high-quality video footage. It can be quite intimidating to use, so we present a YouTube playlist that will go through many of the features from basic to advanced.

As we begin to use Filmic Pro more, we’ll add more information about features and keep you aware of any important updates with the software. But, for now, watch the playlist above and visit the Filmic Pro website for more information.

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