Shopping for a camcorder, or video camera, in days past was not an easy experience, but there has been constant improvement in the quality of video that can be obtained. There’s even great video to be had with your smartphone, such as Apple’s iPhone. You won’t need the most expensive camera since most do at least high definition (HD) video. YouTube offers HD quality video on their site, and even 4K video is now an option.

If you want watch your video footage on your TV, you need to make sure you’ve got the right cables to make the connection. In general you’ll need an HDMI cable. There are a few different types – it may be a standard HDMI, a “mini”, or a “micro” connection on your camera. You may also need an additional adapter to connect your smartphone to your TV.

If you’re ready to shop for a video camera, you can start with Cnet’s camcorder reviews, or go to The Wirecutter’s video camera page. Otherwise, here’s what to look for in a video camera (AKA camcorders):

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